About us

We are an investment holding involved in businesses that show a high potential growth and a positive impact on society. We also work on Nelson and Nara Sirotsky’s family assets management.

Our essence

Achievement and retribution, multiplying dreams.

Maromar was built with such goals in mind.
A Nara and Nelson Sirotsky’s dream. A burning desire to celebrate a family’s values,
history, and tradition. A craving to keep alive the flame of passion, work, ethics, trust,
courage, and entrepreneurship for the next generations.

Our manifest

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Our business


Maromar takes part in different businesses, believes in new ideas, and supports entrepreneurs, contributing to their strategic and long-term results.
We invest in projects and companies, promoting economic development and social welfare and working in tandem with partners that share our values.

Investment philosophy

We invest in a variety of industries such as the Media, Education, Technology, and Sports based on the following premises:

  • - High potential of growth and scalability.
  • - High potential of participation in the business management.
  • - Direct co-investment with relevant partners.

We invest directly in businesses, taking an active part in their strategic management.

Investments related to Grupo RBS
Direct investments with management participation
Direct investments in startups
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Our causes


We support causes we believe in, having civic responsibility, fostering projects that open opportunities for new talents, impact positively on our environment, and promote both personal and human development.

Projects and institutions supported by Maromar: